Discover Setsuko’s Vintage Free Card Collection: A Blast from the Past!


Wow! I was just doing some access analysis on this site and made a huge discovery! Seriously, I’m amazed. 😀

I recently relaunched, so I was wondering if anyone was checking it out yet. While going through the access analysis, I noticed that most of the visits were just me checking in after updates. But then, there were some visitors who came through search keywords, and one of those keywords was “ePostcard” – and I was like, “Huh?”

It got me thinking, yeah, about twenty-something years ago, I used to distribute free website materials (stuff like drawings, illustrations, buttons, etc.), and I vaguely remember creating a page like that…

I thought I’d wiped out all those outdated-looking pages from back then, but oh no!! They’re still out there on the internet. It’s a mix of joy and embarrassment.

But you know what? As I looked through each meticulously drawn item, they started to feel really dear to me, and I thought, “I definitely want to keep these just as they are!”

So, without further ado, please take a look at the free cards page I made over twenty years ago. I’m leaving it exactly as it was back then.

And of course, if you find any illustrations you like, feel free to download and use them!

Here’s the URL:

You can still go back here by the browser’s back button, or you can hit the home button that I made sure still works on the page above. LOL

Enjoy! 🙂


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