Setsuko’s Artworks

Please allow me to introduce various works I have created on this page. This includes my drawings, crochet creations, sewing projects, and more.

Actually, I registered the domain name over 20 years ago. Back in the 90s, the website hosted there offered free-to-use materials (such as illustrations, drawings, icons, etc.) created by me, which were distributed to website creators. It’s a nostalgic memory to think back on. It was quite popular at the time. I had plenty of time then, so I updated it daily.

However, time flies, and the appearance of the site became outdated and no longer fit the current era. So, I removed it from the internet a few years ago. Recently, I’ve finally regained some free time, and I’m looking forward to slowly resuming activities. Updates will be sporadic, but please feel free to check in occasionally.

Love, Setsuko

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