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Setsuko's ePostcards!!!

You can send Setsuko's cute ePostcards to your friends, boy/girl friend, or anyone. Click the menu below to find just the perfect ePostcard for your occasion/feeling. Enjoy the cards!

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     pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Love pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Mother's Day
     pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Friend pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Father's Day
     pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Happy Birthday pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Thanksgiving
     pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Thank You pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Christmas
     pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Sorry     pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Y2K
     pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Dancing Fungi pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Before Valentine's Day
     pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)URL Moved pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Valentine's Day
  pinkheartchan.gif (197 bytes)Easter