Japanese Kanreki Celebration: Crafting Stunning Balloon Towers for a Friend’s 60th Birthday!


Over the weekend, we celebrated a friend’s 60th birthday, which in Japan is known as “Kanreki.” The day before, we gathered at another friend’s house to decorate the room and plan games and quizzes for the celebration.

I created a large decoration using red and white balloons, symbolic of joyous occasions in Japan. I made 2 towers with these balloons and added balloons shaped like a ‘6‘ and ‘0‘ on top to signify the milestone. (By the way, metal numeral balloons are the cheapest on Amazon compared to stores like Party City.)

It instantly added a vibrant atmosphere to the room and received great feedback on the day, with the birthday person also expressing delight, which was wonderful.

I ran short of balloons midway, so I mixed in some pink ones at the bottom, which surprisingly added a cute touch.

For those curious about how I made it, I used 20 balloons for each tier of the tower. After inflating them all, I tied them into pairs. Then, I twisted and connected these pairs to form sets of four balloons, making five sets in total. I stacked them alternately from the bottom, securing them with ribbons typically used for gift wrapping. It was not only enjoyable to make but also looked gorgeous. I highly recommend trying it out!




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